- Well this is pretty simple. I'm a football fan who happens to be a Jets fan. I'm just a little ole guy from upstate NY that had an idea and followed it through. Hope you like the JETTHEAD and have lots of fun with it. You'll notice this site is very simple. There's no glitz and glamour. You're here to pick yourself up a JETTHEAD, and that's what we're gonna do for you. I've kept the ordering process as simple as possible. All orders will go through Paypal. It's quick, easy, and you can use your credit card through secure encryption.

- Unfortunately, I cannot ship more than (6) JETTHEADS per order. If you order more than (6) JETTHEADS at a time, I'll have to issue you a refund less the Paypal fee. It's just easier for me this way. Thanks for your understanding.


- The JH is best worn with the nose pointing a little down on your forehead. It looks sleeker and faster this way.

- Here is an example of how you can customize your JETTHEAD :

                                                                               - After lengthy experimentation, we have found that Krylon Fusion for Plastic spray paint is one of the best paints to use on the JETTHEAD. The JETTHEAD is a flexible, soft/sturdy foam. Most paint you'll try using on the JETTHEAD (to customize it to your liking) may have a difficult time adhering. Dried paint does not have the flexibility or elasticity as the soft foam. Though Krylon Fusion adheres quite well, it is best to be a little careful when handling after painting. I would also suggest coating your painted portion with Krylons Low Odor Clear Finish. This protects and also allows the Krylon paint some flexibility. Both the Krylon Fusion Spray Paint and the Krylons Low Odor Clear Finish can usually be purchased at a local arts & crafts store.

- The JH can be washed with warm dish washing liquid and a soft sponge if you feel the need to wash it. Avoid any custom painted area that you may have modified to avoid possible chipping or flaking.

- Paint your favorite player's number on the tail, or the cockpit window.


- The JETTHEAD is manufactured by the same people who created the famous Cheesehead. Green Bay Packers fans have made the Cheesehead world renowned. When I came up with the idea for my JETTHEAD, I thought; who better to help me get my idea off the ground than the wonderful people at Foamation Inc. I remember one of my first conversations with Ralph at Foamation. I had just sent him my prototype, and I told him that I didn't want this thing to look goofy. I want it to look cool and fast, and I want it to say "get the hell out of my way". I think they did a great job. I tried to keep the design simple just in case fans wanted to add their own creativity.

- the reason JETTHEAD is spelled with two "T"'s is because the web address with one "T" was taken.












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